Music Monday︱Let’s Dance

Music Monday is a weekly meme created by The Tattooed Book Geek! I am going to post a current favorite song that wont get out of my head every Monday. This weeks song is Let’s Dance by David Bowie.


Let’s dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let’s dance
To the song they’re playin’ on the radio
Let’s sway
While color lights up your face
Let’s sway
Sway through the crowd to an empty space

If you say run
I’ll run with you
And if you say hide
We’ll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall into my arms
And tremble like a flower

Let’s dance
Let’s dance
For fear your grace should fall
Let’s dance
For fear tonight is all
Let’s sway
You could look into my eyes
Let’s sway
Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight

And if you say run
I’ll run with you
And if you say hide
We’ll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall into my arms
And tremble like a flower

Let’s dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let’s sway
Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight
Let’s dance
Let’s dance
Let’s dance, dance, dance

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Spin︱Release Blitz and Giveaway!

K.J. Farnham
Publication date:
April 11th, 2019
Suspense, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Jenna Kemp is a typical high school girl, complete with a loyal group of friends and a seemingly understanding boyfriend. But when the demons from Jenna’s childhood resurface, she’s suddenly spinning out of control–drinking, partying–anything to numb the pain of the past. After distancing herself from her friends and befriending an outcast, her friends and family start questioning and judging her choices.

But when Jenna doesn’t come home one night, her friends and family realize it’s more than just adolescent rebellion. Jenna’s mysterious disappearance proves that there’s more on the line than they realized. As they sift through a series of her personal diaries, the truth becomes terrifying. Will Jenna’s final diary entry reveal the greatest mystery of all–her whereabouts?

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Bonnie Kemp

I take a deep, cleansing breath as I grip the knob of Jenna’s bedroom door. It’s been thirteen days since I was last in there—a record since bringing her home from the hospital and laying her in her bassinet sixteen years ago.

“Quick in and out, Lulu. Okay?” I ask, glancing down at Jenna’s dog. Every few days, the black lab incessantly whines and scratches where the door meets the floor, eager to enter her beloved owner’s room. Today happens to be one of those days.

As soon as I open the door a crack, Lulu bolts inside, causing me to lose my grip on the knob and forcing the door to fly wide open. The energetic dog quickly gets to work sniffing every square inch of Jenna’s room, as if searching for clues that might reveal her whereabouts.

I smile somberly and shake my head before stepping inside and glancing around the room. The sting in my heart isn’t nearly as sharp as I anticipated it would be, but it’s there, nonetheless.

My gaze falls on Jenna’s desk, which has been left untouched since the police came through to look for items of interest. Surrounding Jenna’s Chromebook is a holder for pens and Post-it notes, a tube of lip balm, a basket with random keepsakes, and a few notebooks and textbooks—all items that the police had left behind.

To me, Jenna is missing, not gone for good. Missing, not dead, despite what the Briarwood Police Department may think. I’m furious that they’ve given up the search. It’s like a slap in the face, thinking about all the stones that have probably been left unturned.

I scan the room one last time.

“Come on, Lulu,” I say as I head for the hallway. I begin to pull Jenna’s door closed, expecting Lulu to make her exit any moment, but she remains seated next to Jenna’s nightstand.

“Lulu,” I press, “let’s go, girl.”

The dog still doesn’t budge. Instead, she whines, her tail sweeping the floor maniacally. Then she sniffs Jenna’s nightstand.

“Ohhh.” I say, joining Lulu next to Jenna’s bed. “I know what you want.” I place my phone on the nightstand and reach for the handle of the second drawer. I close my eyes for a moment, and images of the night I invaded Jenna’s privacy by reading her diary play behind my eyelids. It wasn’t long after that Jenna started changing, and then she went missing. I’ll always wonder if my betrayal was partly to blame.

The guilt in my heart causes me to bring my hands to my face. I press my fingers against my eyelids, as if they’re buttons intended to deactivate the troubling thoughts that are always lingering in the back of my mind. The sensation of Lulu’s cold, wet nose against my elbow, snaps me out of the trance I’ve fallen under, and before I have a chance to change my mind, I pull open the drawer.

My gaze immediately falls on Jenna’s new diary. It’s a replica of the same diary I so callously peeked at last summer, the one Jenna had tossed in the kitchen trashcan after we had a blowout over my betrayal. I’d been shocked to see this new, nearly identical diary (save for the Briarwood High cross-country sticker on the back) when we did a frantic sweep of Jenna’s room after two full days with no contact from her.

Lulu whines, once again pulling me from my thoughts and prompting me to pick up the quart-sized Zip-lock bag full of dog bones next to the diary. Lulu’s tail thumps wildly, zigzagging from the floor to the nightstand as I pull open the bag and remove a bone. The dog happily accepts a treat, and immediately begs for another, so I give the command Jenna used to give as I toss a second bone a couple feet into the air. “Leap Lulu!”

Lulu isn’t quite ready, so the treat bounces off the tip of her nose, falls to the floor, and slides under the two-inch gap beneath the nightstand.

“A little rusty, huh Lulu?” I ask with an amused grin as I get down on my knees and slide a hand under the nightstand to search for the fallen goodie. Lulu whines and pokes her nose under, too, but neither of us can seem to find the treat. “I guess I’ll have to get it with the vacuum later today. Or whenever I feel like vacuuming . . .” I say, resigned to leaving the treat for now. But Lulu continues whining and scratching at the base of the nightstand, so I sigh, grab my phone from the bed, and give it a shake to activate the flashlight.

I get back down on my knees, press my cheek to the floor, and with the help of the light, I spot the treat right away. As I reach my hand all the way into the back-left corner, my knuckles brush against a smooth surface on the underside of the nightstand. The texture strikes me as odd, so as soon as I hand the rescued treat over to Lulu, I return my cheek to the floor and shine the light under the nightstand again, this time tilting my gaze upward toward the underside where I see something that causes my breath to halt. I collapse onto my stomach, momentarily paralyzed.

Could it really be?

A gentle tug results in the sound Velcro makes when its hook and loop fasteners separate. Sitting cross-legged with my mouth ajar, I examine my discovery: a diary identical to the one in Jenna’s drawer.

It can’t be.

I run the fingers of my right hand across the cover and flip it over to reveal something that makes me shudder uncontrollably. Smack-dab in the center of the back cover is a worn Briarwood High School Cross Country team sticker. It’s the diary Jenna had thrown away on the night of our big blowout. She must have fished it out of the garbage after everyone had gone to bed.

Realizing what my find could reveal, I frantically open the tattered notebook and flip to the last entry dated Thursday, October 26, 2017.

I exhale a hard, swift breath when recognition sets in. The final entry was written the day before Jenna went missing.

As I read the entry, I have to remind myself to breathe, and I pause several times to ensure I don’t pass out and to process and reread the most alarming parts … I can’t talk to him anymore . . . he was upset . . . starting to creep me out . . . planned to meet him tomorrow night . . .

I know the howl that echoed through my brain must have escaped me when Joseph rushes into the room. In a daze, I look up at him. His lips are moving, but I can’t hear what he’s saying. I look over at Lulu who’s cowering in the corner and wonder if she knew all along that Jenna’s diary was under the nightstand. If so, why didn’t she let us know? We would have known about his lies much sooner.

I glance around the spinning room and realize my thoughts are irrational and my anger toward Lulu misplaced.

I look back at Joseph and can finally hear him.

“Bonnie? What’s wrong?” He’s crouched at my side with his hands cradling my face. “What is it?”

I stare at him, still speechless.

He maintains eye contact for a moment but then follows my gaze as I glance down at the long-lost diary in my lap. “What’s . . .? Is that . . .” His eyes widen and remain focused on the object in my lap as he settles onto the floor next to me.

I burst into tears and jump to my feet, clutching the open diary to my chest. “It was him . . . it had to be him . . .”

“Bonnie, wait . . .” Joseph scrambles to his feet and reaches for me, but all he gets is a strand of hair because I’m moving too fast.

“He lied. Dear Lord, Joseph, he lied! And he got away with it!”

Joseph enters the hallway behind me just as Shaina jumps out of my way. I glance back to see her with her back pinned to the wall. Joseph gives her a comforting squeeze on the upper arm as he rushes past, so I turn and continue down the stairs and into the kitchen. Joseph rounds the corner as I’m frantically grabbing my oversized purse from the coat hook next to the garage door and shoving Jenna’s recovered diary inside.

“Who? Who lied? And where are you going?!” Joseph asks as he grasps my shoulder. He spins me around with one hand and reaches over my head with the other to hold the door to the garage closed.

“Move your hand, Joseph! I need to get to the police station!” I can barely see through the tears that are flooding my eyes and streaming down my cheeks so fast that the top half of my T-shirt is speckled with drops.

“Okay . . . it’s okay,” he says, slowly removing his hand from the door and raising both into the air in submission. “Just tell me what’s going on. Please. Then I’ll drive you wherever you need to go.”

I squeeze my eyes closed, acutely aware of each painful breath I’m taking. When I open them, Joseph is looking at Shaina, who’s made her way into the kitchen but remains next to the refrigerator. Just like Joseph, Shaina has become accustomed to tiptoeing around the house, especially when I’m having a rough time. A single tear trails down her left cheek in response to my outburst. I want to rush to her, to comfort her, but I can’t right now. Not when the key to Jenna’s whereabouts could now be in my possession.

“No,” I say, calling Joseph’s attention back to me. I reach into my bag to retrieve the diary and hold it out to him. “I’ll drive. You read.” After he takes it, I sniffle and straighten my posture, my expression once again strong, determined, and resolute. “It’s the last entry. The one from October twenty-sixth. We’re going to find her, Joseph.”

Author Bio:

K. J. Farnham writes contemporary fiction for women and young adults. A former educator who grew up in the Milwaukee area, she now resides in western Wisconsin with her husband and three children.

To learn more, visit her Website, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Down the TBR Hole︱Meme

Hello all and a happy Friday! We made it to the weekend. Congrats!! I hope you all had a great week. Welcome to week 3 of the Down the TBR Hole meme. I am really having such a fun time cleaning up my Goodreads TBR, although I feel like no matter how many I toss I add 10 more in its place. Good thing I have a lot to go through. My goal with this weekly post (on Wednesday for me) to help me reduce the number of books in my TBR not only on Goodreads, but the books that I have at home as well. The Down the TBR Hole meme was originally created by Lost in a Story.

Here is how it works:

➽ Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.

➽ Order on ascending date added.

➽ Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books

➽ Read the synopsis of the books

➽ Decide: keep it or let it go?

The Turning (Blood Ties #1) by Jennifer Armintrout: I’m no coward. I want to make that perfectly clear. But after my life turned into a horror movie, I take fear a lot more seriously now. I finally became Dr. Carrie Ames just eight months ago. Then I was attacked in the hospital morgue by a vampire. Just my luck. So now I’m a vampire, and it turns out I have a blood tie to the monster who sired me. The tie works like an invisible leash and I’m bound to him no matter what I do. And of course he’s one of the most evil vampires on earth. With my sire hell-bent on turning me into a soulless killer and his sworn enemy set to exterminate me, things couldn’t get much worse–except I’m attracted to them both. Drinking blood, living as an immortal demon and being a pawn between two warring vampire factions isn’t exactly how I’d imagined my future. But as my father used to say, the only way to conquer fear is to face it. So that’s what I’ll do. Fangs bared.

My Decision? Let it go!

Tempting the Bodyguard (Gamble Brothers #3) by J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout: He can protect her from everyone except himself. Alana Gore is in danger. A take-no-prisoners publicist, her way with people has made her more than a few enemies over the years, but a creepy stalker is an entirely different matter. She needs a bodyguard, and the only man she can ask is not only ridiculously hot, but reputed to have taste for women that goes beyond adventurous. Chandler Gamble has one rule: don’t protect anyone you want to screw. But with Alana, he’s caught between his job and his increasingly hard libido. On one hand, Alana needs his help. On the other, Chandler wants nothing more than to take the hot volcano of a woman in hand. To make her writhe in pleasure, until she’s at his complete mercy. She needs protection. He needs satisfaction. And the moment the line is crossed, all hell will break loose…

My Decision? Keep it!!

Unchained (Nephilim Rising #1) by J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout (Goodreads Author): Between the pissed off creatures that want demon-hunter Lily Marks dead and the fallen angel who just…wants her, Lily is about ready to trade in forever for a comfy job in a cubicle farm. The fact that she and Julian are civil to one another is enough to have her thrown out of the Sanctuary, but she can’t shake her not-so-angelic stalker or how he brings her dangerously close to ecstasy. Her forbidden relationship with Julian provides the perfect fuel for suspicion when a traitor is discovered to be working within the Sanctuary. Lily quickly finds herself hunted by well, everyone. Her only hope is to discover the real traitor before she loses everything–and she’ll need Julian’s help. That is, if Julian is really there to help her…and not destroy her. Yeah, being a Nephilim isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.I

My Decision? Hmmm I am going to have to come back to this one.

Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers #2) by J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout:A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…He’s a player on and off the field…Chad Gamble, all-star pitcher for the Nationals, is one of the best players on—and off—the field. And right now, the notorious bad boy wants Bridget Rodgers. But with her lush curves and snappy comebacks, the feisty redhead is the kind of woman a man wants to settle down with…and that’s the last thing Chad needs. When the paparazzi catch them in a compromising position, Chad’s manager issues an ultimatum: clean up his act or kiss his multi-million dollar contract goodbye. To save his career, his meddling publicist says he’ll have to convince everyone Bridget isn’t just his flavor of the week, but his girlfriend. Being blackmailed into a fake relationship with Chad Gamble isn’t easy, especially when the sizzling physical attraction between them is undeniable. With a month to go on their arranged pretense, it’s going to take every ounce of willpower they have not to fall into bed together…or in love.I

My Decision? Keep it!

Forever with You (Wait for You #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn: In the irresistibly sexy series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, two free spirits find their lives changed by a one-night stand… Some things you just believe in, even if you’ve never experienced them. For Stephanie, that list includes love. It’s out there. Somewhere. Eventually. Meanwhile she’s got her job at the mixed martial arts training center and hot flings with gorgeous, temporary guys like Nick. Then a secret brings them closer, opening Steph’s eyes to a future she never knew she wanted—until tragedy rips it away. Nick’s self-assured surface shields a past no one needs to know about. His mind-blowing connection with Steph changes all that. As fast as he’s knocking down the walls that have kept him commitment-free, she’s building them up again, determined to keep the hurt—and Nick—out. But he can’t walk away. Not when she’s the only one who’s ever made him wish for forever . .

My Decision? Keep it!

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Deal with the Devil︱Book Review

Hello for the 3rd and final time of the day. I swear you might get sick of me today by the time you read this (same with anyone who also follows me on Instagram, sorry for the multiple posts 🙂 ). I wasn’t going to write a little thing before this review but I feel that it was necessary. Some how I was blessed with 2 AWESOME cover reveals along with my Thrusday book review and I had to post all three today. I felt a little apprehensive about doing all three. But I felt I had to as it will help me in the furture and maybe next time I wont feel how I am feeling now. I do have to say I am really enjoying blogging about books, it makes me so happy! AND I love being able to interact with all of you! Anyways, lets get into the review!!

Image Source
Deal with the Devil by Meghan March
Red Dress Press
Publication Date:
January 15, 2019
Amazon Kindle – $4.99
Amazon: Paperback – $13.87
Snag a signed copy here! – $15
iBooks – $4.99
Nook – $4.99
Kobo – $4.99
Audible – $20.97

“You can put that man in a suit, but he’ll never be tame.”  

One look at Jericho Forge and I knew the rumors were true. He was a predator, and he had set his sights on me.

I knew better than to bet more than I could afford to lose that night. I knew better than to bet myself. But desperation leads to bad decisions, and I thought there was no way I could lose.

I was wrong.

Now I have no choice but to make a deal with the devil.

*I am so sorry for the amount of cursing that is about to take place*

MEGHAN FREAKING MARCH! What the hell did you just do to me??? Honestly you are a genius. Sad to say that this was my first Meghan March read. And damn I’m hooked. How do you do that?? Meghan is a fabulous writer. She writes so beautifully. She paints you such a clear picture of what you’re reading in so few words. Authors like her are few and far between and this book was just wow.

I am so so so glad that I freaking waited for all three of these books to come out before I started to read them. How I actually made this happen is beyond me. I have heard NOTHING but high praises for this trilogy and damn no one was wrong. This books is FANTASTIC.

India (Indy) Baptiste is a strong, independent, feisty savvy woman. She knows what she wants and tries her best to not let anybody get in her way, except for Jericho Forge of course. Jericho mother-fucking Forge is a badass alpha male with the ego and personality that is larger than life. I totally wanted to kill him and also be locked in a room with him for a night. Both India and Jericho work so well together. They know exactly how to push each other‘s buttons and also how to take it to the next level.

That ending had me shook and I am so glad I have the other two books to get right into. God bless anyone who read these books right when they came out. I honestly don’t think I would be able to make it through the torture of waiting between the books. Such a cliffhanger and you can’t wait to see what happens next.

I highly recommend this book if you love a dominant alpha male and a very strong willed woman. I am giving this the most stars I’ve ever given a book. I’m sorry but 5 stars isn’t enough.

Deal with the Devil is the first book of the Forge Trilogy. Jericho and India’s story continues in Luck of the Devil (book 2) and concludes in Heart of the Devil (book 3). All three books are available now!

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Love Most, Say Least (Marry the Scot, #2)︱Cover Reveal

Love Most, Say Least
by Jolie Vines
(Marry the Scot, #2)
Publication date: M
ay 2nd, 2019
Adult, Contemporary, Romance


The boy who has everything meets the girl who has nothing…when she nearly runs him over.

James Fitzroy’s life could be called charmed. With an ancient name and a sprawling country estate, only an arranged marriage stands between him and his billionaire inheritance. But appearances are rarely what they seem. Traumatised after a tragic accident, speaking doesn’t come easily to James, and he cares little for anything, including who he weds.

Until the screech of brakes awakens him to all he can’t have.

Beth Grace might be descended from criminals, but she’d never follow in their footsteps. Apart from the one time she did. Now, even an invitation to go driving in Scotland with the world’s most handsome man can’t derail her from her plan to pay her dues. Besides, despite the startling chemistry, women like her don’t get to date earls. She couldn’t be further from what he needs.

Two broken souls can make a whole. There’s just the matter of a wedding in the way.

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JOLIE VINES is a romance novelist who lives in the South West of England with her husband and toddler son. From an early age, Jolie lived in a fantasy world and is never happier than when plot dreaming. Jolie loves her heroes to be one-woman guys. Whether they are a huge Highlander, a touch starved earl, or a brooding pilot, they will adore their loved one until the end of time. Her favorite pastime is wrecking emotions then making up for it by giving her characters deep and meaningful happy ever afters.

Want to contact Jolie? Drop her a line at, or find her on her Website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She loves hearing from her readers.

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Imperfect Match︱Cover Reveal

Imperfect Match, a sexy friends to lovers standalone romance, from New York Times bestselling Corinne Michaels & USA Today bestselling Melanie Harlow, is coming April 26th and we have the gorgeous cover!

Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative
Cover photo: Nicole Ashley Photography

Rule number one for a professional matchmaker?

Don’t fall in love with your client.

I screwed that up when I fell for my best friend, Reid Fortino. He’s gorgeous, successful, and sexy as hell. I figured it would be easy to find him a match—and save the family business at the same time.

But the more time I spend attempting to find the perfect girl, the more I realize how much I want him for my own. What’s the harm if we give in for just one night?

I should have known that would never be enough.

Now I’m on the verge of losing my job and my heart.

We were an imperfect match from the start, but I don’t know how to let him go.

Add to your GoodReads TBR!!

About the Authors:


New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Corinne Michaels is the author of nine romance novels. She’s an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife.

After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness. She enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak and finding a way to heal them through their struggles. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love.


USA Today Bestselling Author Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she’s not writing or reading, she gets her kicks from TV series like VEEP, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Homeland. She occasionally runs three miles, but only so she can have more gin and steak.

Melanie is the author of the AFTER WE FALL series, the HAPPY CRAZY LOVE series, the FRENCHED series, and the sexy historical SPEAK EASY duet, set in the 1920s. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and pet rabbit.

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WWW Wednesday︱Meme

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived here on Taking on a World of Words. Just answer the three questions below and leave a link to your post in the comments for others to look at. No blog? No problem! Just leave me a comment with your responses.

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

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